Britains and Herald Plastic Farm
History, 1958

Britains, January 1958

Please note, the photos show the animals at some point during production, not necessarily as they were when first released.
Only standard issue colours are listed.

Britains Shepherd Britains Girl
Shepherd with Lamb
Available in brown and grey
Girl with Feeding Bucket
Available in red and blue
Britains Horses Britains Cow
Field Horse, Suffolk Foal Lying
Available in white and brown
Cow Feeding
Available in brown and white and black and white
Britains Dog Britains Lamb
Collie Dog
Available in tan and black
Available in white and black
Britains Poultry Britains Gander
Cock and Hen
Available in black, orange and white
Angry Gander

Herald, March 1958

Herald Girl Milking Herald Labourer
Girl Milking Labourer
Available in red, yellow, white and blue
Herald Rabbits Herald Rabbits
Rabbits: Feeding, Running, Scratching
Available in white and brown
Rabbits: Sitting, Doe with Young, Buck
Available in white and brown
Herald Goats
Goat Feeding, Kid, Billy Goat, Goat Standing
Available in grey and tan

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