Britains and Herald Plastic Farm
2182 Herald Sow

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Order No. Variation ID Photo Condition Price
2182-001 2182-V02P02M01-BfX
Smooth plastic
001 The top one has faded and is playworn.
The bottom one is in excellent condition, but missing its tail.
£5.00 each
2182-002 2182-V02P04M01-BfX 002 Could do with a clean, otherwise excellent. £4.00
2182-003 2182-V02P05M01-BfX 003 Could do with a clean, some surface wear and a scratch. £2.25
2182-004 2182-V02P08M01-PiX
004 Near mint. £6.00
2182-005 2182-V02P09M01-PiX 005 Numerous available in various conditions £1.00 - £2.00
2182-006 2182-V02P09M02-PiX
006 Near mint. £4.00

All models are sold subject to availability

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